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I am a wife and a mom of three children with very individual personalities who keep me busy every day. I watch them grow and try to catch the little changes that happen everyday, but life happens.  I am always surprised when I realize how much they have changed all of a sudden when they walk in the room or wake up in the morning.

There are many things about their personalities that I think I will always remember or many things that I may want to forget as I age – did they really do that…or say that?  The truth is, though, all of those aspects of their personalities make them who they are, and I try to catch it as best as I can in photographs.

I am a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, & a few other titles probably. I have many memories from my childhood like photos cataloged in my mind.

I am nostalgic always, a treasurer of the little things. I worry that I will forget how little my little people were, how those closest to me looked when they looked at each other, how my grandmother’s hand felt when she squeezed mine.

I turn to photographs to make sure that I can remember…

Life is hectic, and moments are fleeting. I aim to capture the little details so that my family and I can piece the scene together again and relive reality as it is now when we are looking back in years to come. I want to physically hold onto as many of those memories as I can in books and prints to make them that much more real.

I want to also help you capture your family’s little details, the connections between its members, and remember what is meaningful right now.

Busy children are a familiar situation to me, and I am comfortable with making our way through a session to gain meaningful images. I am versed with working with children of all abilities and personalities not only as the mom of a tween and headstrong children, survivor of toddlerhood but also as a Pediatric Physical Therapist. I enjoy finding out what makes a child tick, what the glue is between family members, and what they most want to remember.

I hope to help you commemorate your family’s little attributes and relationships…!

A few closing details about me:  some of my loves include barre class, dancing, listening to kids laugh & watching them do new things, pedicures, and sitting on the beach.  My favorite colors are blue & green.  I loved Fraggle Rock as a kid (and somehow still know the theme song), and I have seen NKOTB in concert probably too many times…

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